Bright Beginnings Preschool

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Teacher Patty is Owner/Director/Teacher of Bright Beginnings Preschool.

Private Independent Preschool


Begins October 2nd.

We are brain builders.  We are there when the window opens but we will not push them through the window.  All children have a gift.  They will open at different times.

Daily class size in the building- mixed age group of 16 ages 2-5 divided into two smaller groups daily. 

Age appropriate Spanish and sign language.

Toilet trained not necessary -  we respect each child's own timetable for immediate and successful results.

A Table of Contents provided to help guide you through the website. 

Contact Teacher Patty through the website, e-mail ([email protected]) or phone(541-757-9884) at anytime.

Please review the extensive PHOTO GALLERY  to see the variety of learning materials used and the activities your child will participate in on a daily basis.


I provide a year round educational program January - December.  Summer months are ongoing which works great for working parents and also helps children avoid the summer loss.  

Hours open 7:45 and closes 5:30.  Works great for working parents.  Parents who prefer their child attend shorter hours may do so at the full day tuition rate.    

Teacher/child ratio:  We divide into small groups throughout the day mixing age groups. Ratio becomes 1:8 or 1:7 with many times a third teacher present but not always needed. Fifteen children accepted on a daily basis but no limit to amount of children enrolled for the school year.

E-mail [email protected] for daily tuition rates or registration fee amount.  Also can call 541-757-9884

Field trips for four and five age children are provided during the months of June, July and August.  Please see photo gallery for ideas on the field trips we attend.

Weekly memo and thematic teacher-initiated lesson plans are e-mailed to you and your spouse each Sunday night before the week begins. This will provide you with information on what your child will be learning each day from the activity and what types of materials your child will use to complete the activity.

Home visits are scheduled a week before your child attends preschool for the first time. A six week home visit will be scheduled after your child has attended preschool for six weeks to discuss your child's progress and to keep our communication lines open.


All assistants are on the Oregon registry and have complete background checks, have completed CPR/First Aid, food handlers class and abuse classes. Each year all of us must complete 15 clock hours of ongoing training and 8 of those hours must be in child development. Some of my assistants attend a college near by and are involved in early childhood education classes all day long.  Some assistants who work here are seeking to open up their own preschool and enjoy the training they get in a private preschool environment.    


My experience began back in 1983 when I became a licensed provider in Fort Collins, Colorado when my 5 children were very young.  They are now adults with children.  We moved to Oregon in 1990 to be closer to relatives.  Bright Beginnings Preschool was established in the Corvallis community in August of 1991. 

I am a wife, mother of five grown children (ages 43-22) and five grandchildren (ages 3-18).

Since Bright Beginnings was established, I have been a licensed employer in the State of Oregon and have assisted in the teaching and training of many assistants, interns, and practicum students from OSU.  I have also helped mentor others who wanted to open their own preschool either here or another state.

My goal as a teacher is to provide love and acceptance as an extension of the family unit, to continue to support each child's needs, to provide encouragement toward independence, and to allow freedom and opportunity to develop their physical, mental and social capabilities with feelings of success.  I want each child to "LEARN TO LOVE LEARNING." Each child's individuality is respected and encouraged. 

I look at everyday as not just going to work, but as fulfilling my mission in life.  Bright Beginnings is my passion. 

I have earned my Child Development Associate credential (CDA).  This involves being observed by the National Credential Program while working with children and requires college child development classes. It also must be renewed every five years.   Having a CDA enhances the quality of teaching for your child by defining, evaluating and recognizing the competence of providers.  I have completed steps 1-8 of LBCC's Pathway to Professional Development Program.  I continually attend enrichment classes, seminars and workshops which gives me fresh perspectives and ideas. 

I love working with the multiage group ages 2-5.  I feel this cultivates a healthy social atmosphere.

I want to help each child and parent alike get off to a good start.  Kindergarten readiness is my goal for every young child which begins as soon as your child enrolls, whether your child is two or begins at four.  When the time comes for your child to take the first step into their kindergarten class, your child will already have many of the skills that he/she needs to succeed.

Through the many years of my journey, I have been privileged to see so many children learn to write their names and all letters of the alphabet, know the planets in the solar system, name the continents, begin to read and so much more.  I have been blessed to see the smile of accomplishment on their faces.  I have been in the business so long I now have former students coming by to ask to work for me.  

I have established setting consistent limits and appropriate guidelines which will assist children to develop the ability to monitor their own behavior in social and conflict situations.  Children are encouraged to be respectful, kind, polite, honest, and fair to everyone.  I believe in supporting the uniqueness of each child. 

It is important to me that each adult that works with your child has the love for their growth and development. I am very selective when it comes to hiring assistants.

Having a good relationship with parents is very important to me.  I believe that stability and solid relationships are the key to a child's long-term development.  I am making a contribution to the person your child will become.  By working together and keeping the communication lines open between us, we can give your child a wonderful BRIGHT BEGINNINGS!

                         "A child's mind is like a blackboard.  It will reflect anything and everything you write on it!"

                                                                          Vivian Reid