Bright Beginnings Preschool

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Choosing the Right Preschool is a BIG Decision!


If you would like to set up an interview with me, these are the steps to follow:

FIRST: Contact me by phone (541-757-9884) or email [email protected] to see if an opening is available. If there are no openings you are still welcom to still interview for possible future enrollment.  

SECOND: Intial interviews are scheduled around 4:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday, giving you time to meet some of the classmates and assistants.  Scheduling interviews at this time ensures that I am available to give you and your child my undivided attention.  Your child must attend this interview with you, and siblings are welcome.  It is preferable that both spouses be present, but not absolutely necessary due to work schedules.  During this interview you will be given a tour of the areas of the preschool that are used.  You will be able to ask any questions that you may have.  I will discuss my program in more detail and provide you with my promotional binder to take with you for review.  This information will help in your consideration of enrollment and give you the opportunity to discuss the information in the promotional book and website with your spouse privately.  The promotional binder will need to be returned within five days of the interview for future use.  I will include a feedback sheet for you to return with the binder regarding your decision to enroll or not enroll.   If the feedback sheet is blank when returned then I will assume there will be no enrollment in the future. It would be nice to know why you are not enrolling by completing the feedback sheet.  This will help me in making changes, etc. if there are too many non-enrollments for the same reason.   

THIRD: If you feel you would like to schedule a second interview during the main hours of the preschool day to meet the children currently enrolled in the program call to set up a time to come in.

FOURTH: You have made a decision and would like to enroll.  You can either e-mail or call me that you have decided to enroll or would like to be put on the wait list.  You can also return the promotional book and feedback sheet letting me know your decision.  If there is space and you are enrolling within a month period I will schedule a home visit the week before your child begins and bring you the enrollment packet and collect the registration fee to ensure your child's position is held along with the first week of preschool pre-paid.  If you have registered the beginning of the year and your child will not begin until September of the same year I will be scheduling home visit the last two weeks of August and will bring you enrollment forms at that time.   Please be aware that positions are not held without a registration fee and pre-payment of the first week. If beginning immediately like the next week, then I will ask that you bring in the registration fee, etc. and I will give you the paperwork needed to enroll.

Yearly registration procedures for previously enrolled students

First : In January, I begin with a blank attendance roster for the new preschool year.  A registration form will be handed out in your child's file the beginning of January for parents to register for the upcoming school year.  Parents must register for the whole preschool year.  If you know you will not complete the year we will need to talk. There is no registration fee for previously enrolled students at this time.  By having registration every year this will give parents an opportunity to upgrade their days, add siblings and decrease the amount of turnover. I will then no longer turn away 2-3 year solid enrollments.  This will effect the amount of openings available each year.

Second:  When your registration form is received your child/children's name will be added to the blank attendance roster on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning order received.  Everyone's registration form needs to be turned in by February 13th (date may change each year) whether enrolling, not enrolling, undecided or not.  I will begin taking outside registrations after February 13th if openings are still available.  If there are no openings available, outside calls will be put on a waiting list. I do not enroll outside calls or those on the waiting list until all parents previously enrolled have an opportunity to register first.

Third:  I will post the attendance roster on the entrance door with updated daily registered enrollments. It is the parents responsibility to pay attention to this attendance roster, checking it daily. If you are slow to register you will be aware of how quickly openings are filling up and get your registration form in right away.  I have seen parents pass up posted information on the door and then wonder why they not know what was going on.  Once we get down to the few remaining openings and choices are limited, I then may have to determine what choices are available to use for those who have prolonged to register. Parents who prolong registering may find there will no longer be an opening for enrollment or choices are very limited.  Please take this under consideration when prolonging registration.  Since your child has been previously enrolled you can be put on the waiting list ahead of outside calls if you choose too.  

Fourth:  If a sibling of a child currently enrolled needs to join, now is the time to register him/her.  The child must be 24 months or older but on occasion I have enrolled 21 months depending on size and abilities.

Fifth:  If you are wanting full time it is especially important for you to get your registration form in immediately since your child will utilize five full days.  If you have two children to enroll, it is doubly important that you are right on top of it. 

Sixth:  Morning or afternoon half day enrollments are limited to one child in the family.  The amount of spots designated for half day enrollments are determined each year by the majority of all day enrollments needed the upcoming year.  I can never guarantee half days will be available each year.  The majority do prefer full days.

It is always my wish that all parents previously enrolled will be able to register each year and I understand it can be hard to accept not getting your child re-enrolled if you were undecided or were one of the last to turn in your registration form.  Too many children and not enough spots should not be an ongoing problem every year when I have enough children graduating to Kindergarten (on the average 6-8).  There are some years if there are 4 or less graduates leaving very few open spot that can become a challenge to get everyone previously enrolled in the upcoming year.  I am truly sorry if you find yourself in the situation of not getting your child enrolled the next school year.  Maybe there will be an unexpected opening and it still will work out for you.   


If you have any further questions regarding interviewing or registration procedures feel free to contact me, preferably by phone 541-757-9884. 

A hard copy will be handed out in January in your child's file. Registration forms will be processed in the order received, first-come, first-served.


Name of Child:  ________________________

I would like to register my child/children to attend FULL DAYS:   Number of days:______


Please circle the days you would like your child/children to attend full days: 

                    Mon /  Tues /  Wed /  Thurs /  Fri    or  _____all Five


I would like to register my child mornings or afternoons.

Morning (7:45 - 12:30)    Mon/Wed/Friday  or  Tues/Thurs

Afternoon (12:30 - 5:30)  Mon/Wed/Friday  or  Tues/Thurs    


If this applies to you please complete.

______ I am undecided and cannot make a commitment at this time.

______My child will not be enroling the next school year.


_____________________                                                      ____________________

Parent Signature                                                                     Date of Signature


Date received at Bright Beginnings _______________         _____# order