Bright Beginnings Preschool

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June, July, August

Bright Beginnings is a year- round preschool so the routines of the day continue as well as weekly teacher-led learning activities all day, every day.  The only major difference is that I do venture out on field trips with four and five year olds as well as provide a Friday morning water fun activity each week.  We begin these activities the week after public schools are out which is usually the third week in June. For water fun activities children bring and leave a swim suit here as well as water shoes for the activity.  I use water tubs for play as well as sprinklers so water fun is safe.  You can view this activity in the photo gallery. Some of the field trip activities off site are:  Tours of a grocery store, nursery, humane society, Great Harvest bread factory. We visit local parks and their playgrounds throughout the town of Corvallis.  We take hikes at Bald Hill, Frazier Wetlands.   Join in on the Teddy Bear Picnic at the library - using the bus.  Some years parents and children go to Enchanted Forest together.  Other activities include bowling, miniature golf, strawberry and blueberry picking.  We visit indoor playgrounds like Toy Factory, Wacky Bounce and McDonalds.  We even enjoy the ice cream places such as Cold Stones, Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins.  There is usually about 10 weeks to attend field trips in the summer months.  I take four children at a time on the field trips in my Van.  Once I figure out how many four's and five's are in the total enrollment, I plan the days accordingly so that every child can attend a field trip.   We also utilize Hoover school's playground and running track once a week by walking there. I am two blocks away from the school.   You can view field trip photos on the website gallery. I always hand out permission forms beforehand and carry emergency information with me at all times.  Parents are asked to turn in an amount of no more than $35.00 per child for the field trip expenses and assistance with gas.  Children under four continue on with the usual year-round daily schedule.