Bright Beginnings Preschool

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Guidelines from USDA & Federal Food Program

Children are offered food from each food group at each meal and encouraged to try new things, however, if they do not want to eat what is provided to them, they are not forced to do so.

I am serving vegetarian meals due to a higher request by parents in the past few years.  It is a healthier way to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables along with learning more about what they are eating and why it is important to eat them on a daily basis.  I understand that many are not vegetarian (I am not myselt) and will assume if you are not strickly vegetarian that you will serve your favorite meat dishes to your child at home in the evenings and on weekends.  Vegan meals do not count with the USDA program.

A special dietary request inconsistent with USDA guidelines will require documentation from a physician or your child's lunch, snacks and drink must be provided.

Any parent needing glutin free foods or a request for non-dairy products not to be served will need to provide their own snacks, lunch and drinks for your child when attending full days. If your child attends mornings half days and requires the special diets as mentioned then you are asked to pick your child up at 12:00 rather than 12:30 so he/she can go home for lunch.

We are able to accomodate soy milk with a doctors permission slip that must be provided to the USDA program.

 Menu Guidelines: 

Morning and afternoon snacks: Meat alternate; bread or bread alternate; fruit or vegatable; 100% fruit juice or milk. Must serve at least two of four food groups.

Lunch: Milk, meat alternate, bread or bread alternate, two servings of fruit and/or vegetable.

All items on our menu is pre-aproved by the USDA food monitor.

1% milk is served as per USDA food program (new changes beginning October).

                        VEGETARIAN MEALS SERVED 

               Rotation Menu 1- Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May 

Monday:       Morning snack -Shredded wheat bites/milk

                    Afternoon snack -Cinnamon or Apple rice cakes/milk.

                    Lunch -Brown, white, or spanish rice with peas and carrots /pinto beans/banana slices/milk.    

Tuesday:       Morning snack - Homemade granola mix -raisins, dried banana slices, Cracklin oat bran

                                                  cereal/100% orange juice.

                    Afternoon snack -Colby Jack cheese squares/unsalted saltine crackers/water       

                    Lunch - Whole wheat flour tortilla/shredded cheddar cheese/carrot and celery sticks/

                                 sunflower seed butter for dip/milk.

Wednesday:  Morning snack - Cherrios/apple slices/water

                    Afternoon snack - Cinnamon applesauce/graham crackers-honey or cinnamon/water

                    Lunch -Cream cheese with grape jelly on bread/red kidney beans/organic peas/raw

                                brocolli and ranch dip/milk.

Thursday:      Morning snack - Orange wedges/cinnamon rasin bagel/water

                    Afternoon snack - Wheat chex cereal/milk

                    Lunch - Garlic hummus/cheese slices/sugar snap peas/whole wheat bread sticks/organic green beans/

                                 pineapple chunks/milk.

Friday:          Morning snack -Multigrain zesty vegetable cracker/100% apple juice

                    Afternoon snack -Vegetable thin crackers/milk

                    Lunch -Veggie patty/ketchup/black beans/whole wheat mini thin bread/mandrian 

                                oranges/organic whole corn/milk.

                      Rotation Menu 2 - Oct., Dec., Feb., April 

 Monday:      Morning snack - Corn chex cereal/milk

                    Afternoon snack -bread and butter/100% peach or pear juice 

                    Lunch -1 % Milk/Homemade vegetarian chili-kidney beans, diced tomatoes,tomoto sauce,

                              celery, carrots, onions, chili seasonings/shredded cheese for topping/oyster crackers/

                              apple slices

 Tuesday:    Morning snack -cherrios and blueberries/milk

                  Afternoon snack -Flatbread crackers/milk 

                  Lunch - Milk/homemade burritos made with vegetarian refried bean/shredded cheese/mixed 

                                vegetables/sliced pears

 Wednesday:  Morning snack -mini pancakes or mini cinnimon waffles/milk

                      Afternoon snack -pretzels/milk

                      Lunch - Milk/soybean butter (alternative to peanut butter) and strawberry jelly on bread/

                                petite raw carrots with ranch dip/organic green beans

 Thursday:     Morning snack - graham crackers (alternating cinnimon and honey original)/milk

                    Afternoon snack - Low fat and low sugar yogurt/cherrios added on tip/

                               100% white grape juice

                    Lunch/Milk/pasta (different kinds each week) with marinara sauce/garbanzo beans/

                             mild Tillamook cheese slices/fruit cocktail mix

 Friday:        Morning snack - cracklin oat bran cereal raisin mix/milk

                   Afternoon snack -nilla wafers or low fat fig newtons with real fruit/100% cranberry-raspberry

                             or cranberry-grape juice

                   Lunch - Milk/grilled cheese on bread/organic peas/pear slices