Bright Beginnings Preschool

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Table of Contents: 
Since I have a lot of topics on this site I figured it would be best to list the titles so you can find what you need easier.  As you search you will find what you are looking for under sub-menus.  Not necessarily in correct order since it changes from time to time.

1.   About Us
2.   Table of Contents
3.   Mission Statement/Philosophy
4.   Photo Gallery              
5.   Location
6.   Parent Recommendations
                Write a review
                Contact Us
                Referral Incentive
                What A Two-Three Year Program Will Do
                What to bring on the first day
                Guidance Practices
                Illness Policy
                Toilet Learning
                Separating Styles
7.    Curriculum
8.   June, July August - what takes place during these months.. 
9.    4 segments of a typical daily routine
10.   Preparing for Preschool
11. What I am Learning
12.  Sample Lesson Plan
13.  Songs/Rhymes/Other Information
14.  Theme Titles  (still adding)
15. Word Families
16.  Parent Resource Information
17.  Well Center Child
18.  Integrated Curriculum
19.  Kindergarten Readiness
20.  Pre-K Standards
21.  Importance of Play
                The Power Of Play
                Power Play/Superheroes
22.  Knowing Your Child's Temperament
23.  Building Brain Power
24.  Social Life Of a Child
25.  Recommended Reading
26.  Sensory and Paint Recipes
             Fun recipes to make
27.  My Favorite Quotes
28.  Withdrawing From Program
30.  Lifetouch Portraits
31.  Employment Information