Bright Beginnings Preschool

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What to bring on your child's first day.

1.   Baby face picture so we can hang up next to mom and dad's pictures and see the difference between then and now.

2.   $4.00 for a supply of toothbrushes for the year which I provide. Renew toothbrushes every three months.

 3.   Extra clothing for the season we are in.  One shirt, shorts or pants, underwear, socks.  If your child is in the process of toilet training then please bring an extra three pairs of underwear, pants and socks.  Put all items in a plastic storage bag with your child's name on the bag.   Sweat shirts, etc. are too large for the plastic bag so regular shirts and pants work best. No overalls.  At the end of winter and beginning of fall, items are put out to exchange for the season and size.

4.   If in diapers -Full container of diapers and wipes. Name on each item.   No pull-ups due to confusing your child as to whether to use the pull-ups by not stopping play or the toliet.  It is either diaper or underwear. If any ointments are supplied a permission form needs to be signed.  Ointments need to be in spray form. 

5.  Bring enrollment packet with enrollment papers, immunization form up to date, permission slips and payment holder with your monthly check. 

You do not need to bring: Diaper bags, backpacks, hats (get lost, prone to lice).  We provide gloves, boots, raincoats with hoods and all rest time materials.  Boots to be worn only on very rainy days when you may need them to get from your home to school.  We rarely need them here. Do not fit in shoe containers well.   

Make sure your child is wearing slip on or velcro shoes so they can learn or if know already can put on their own shoes.  If you purchase new shoes test them out to see if your child can put them on by him/herself and are they easy for you to put on.  If not easy for you they will not be easy for your child or teachers. Clogs are easy to manage and can be worn.

All children must wear socks and closed toe shoes for safety reasons when at school.


Looking forward to our first day together!