Bright Beginnings Preschool

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After we have had our six week adjustment home visit and you have determined that you are continuing then the following procedures MUST be followed to have a smooth withdrawl transition.  If we determine at the time your child six week home visit he/she will not continue with enrollment then there are no obligations on both our parts.

After the six week home visit and your child has been a continuing student please follow the following procedure.

Since I have been your child's preschool teacher for some time now, it important and courtious to me that when you have news of withdrawing your child, you schedule a parent/teacher meeting with me as the first thing on your list to do.  I will do the same for you should I need to ask you or your child to enroll elsewhere. I would not send you an e-mail or note.  I know e-mails and notes seem easier but we are talking about the precious time I and others have spent with your child.  Face to face encounters can eliminate miscomunnication and a chance that important procedure information could be left out by me on a usual busy day or week.

Once we have had our meeting regarding the withdrawal and we both have come to a mutual agreement on everything during the meeting, then please send me an e-mail or brief written note to be attached to your child's file giving the three week notice.  Reason for a thee week notice: Most of the time it takes a good three weeks to either advertise a spot open, notifiy parents enrolled a spot is open should they know someone.  Then there is the interview and maybe more than one interview.  Most parents, which I am sure you did not, enroll with the first person they interviewed.  Their decision may take awhikle.   There are those few times when someone one the waiting list wants to get in right way or just a random call where someone needs the spot immediately - they just got a job and need to go to work the next week.  This is the time we can discuss those possiblities and I can find out how flexible you are.  Money would be returned should someone enroll sooner.  Notices of withdrawl begin on the Monday of the next week from our meeting so plan ahead.

To review:

Step 1Notify me you need to set up a meeting.  I can meet with you after 5:00 with prior notice on Mondays.  No need to tell me what it is about by phone, e-mails, when you see me, just schedule the meeting wth me simply by e-mail (for e.g. I would like to set up a parent/teacher meeting.  Would Monday at 5 or later work for you).  I do not need brief verbal withdrawal notices early in the morning when drop off occurs or at pick up time. I have a whole day ahead of me and this is a sensitive issue for both of us so please respect the procedure requested.  What you have to say can be said in the parent/teacher meeting and would be so much appreciative when you ask me to set up one.  I understand withdrawals at times and that these situations come up.   

Step 2:  Once we have met.  Please send in writing when your child's last day will be (remember three weeks beginning on a Monday from when we met).  

Step 3:  You are required to pay for the three weeks whether your child is here or not. That would be your choice.  Must be paid in full at the time of the written notice if not done so already.  You also will need to let me know that you will need those three weeks due to work or possibly have not found a place to enroll your child.  This will help me know that I cannot enroll anyone sooner than your child's scheduled leave date. If you decide not to send your child then this would not apply.   If you are a non-working parent then I will be asking you during our parent/teacher meeting that should I find someone that must begin immediately will this work for you.  You would be getting a refund.  My ideal if your child is still here is to hold off on the new child beginning until your three weeks are over.  This way we have a little more time to begin the closure process with your child and the other children.

Once these three steps are followed by you, we should have a happy ending to our goodbyes. 


My part:  I will see that you receive the tax information for the current year, return your child's extra clothing or any other belongings, pictures, etc. I will give all this to you several days before your child's last day.