Bright Beginnings Preschool

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What our two and three year program will give to your child.

1.  The first year is a year of investigation and discovery.  Children begin with us overwhelmed by the newness of the group, leaving parents, expectations, all the learning materials, activities and relationships.  By the end of the first year each child has found a place in the group that is comfortable and secure.  This can take from one to six months.

2.  The second year is a year of comfort and mastery.  Children are turning 3 and 4 years old and having lots of fun.  They know the rules and how everything works.

3.  The third year is a culmination of the prior two years, which naturally leads the "senior" preschooler into postions of leadership and self-confidence.  This year generates a lot of pride.  They step into leadership roles naturally because they know how things are done, which songs are sung, all the routines, how to mediate disputes.  By the time the children leave for Kindergarten, they believe they know all there is to know about preschool and they are ready and eager to get out into the big world of elementry school.  They have learned to love learning through their years attending Bright Beginnings. 

We are always happy to have children with us as long as they can continue here, but our preference is to work with your child for two or even three years. 

It is a rare and precious gift for your child to be provided with a warm and safe, challenging place for their years of early childhood education before moving into the demands and rigors of elementry school life.