Bright Beginnings Preschool

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Guidance Practice Ideas

I prefer to use to use the word guidance since discipline is often associated with punishment and deprivation.  Discipline actually refers to the guidance which we as teachers and parents lovingly give the children to help them do the right things for the right reasons and to help them grow into secure, happy, and loving persons.  They will be able to setp out into the world with confidence in their own ability to succeed in whatever they set out to do.

The 6 C's of discipline 

Clear and Concise - What do you want the child to do?  State your expectations briefly and positively.

Consistent - Expectations must be consistent from day to day.

Compassionate - Children are learning and growing and it's difficult.  Show you know this.

Clam - Avoid emotional responses whenever possible.

Creative - If after a reasonable attempt, the strategy isn't working, try something new.

Courtesy - Use "please" and "thank you" freely.  Children learn what they see and hear.

How to resolve social conflict

Ask the child to.....

1. Tell what he or she did to start the problem.

2. What did you do to try to fix the problem?

3. Did that help?

4. Did that make it better or worse?

5. Would you do that again?

6. What can you do when you are angry?

7. What will you do the next time this happens?

8. What would you like to say to ________to make things better?

Guidance practice at Bright Beginnings is to:

1.   Focus on the positive.

2.   Emphasize the child can do better.

3.   Have a positive classoom environment.

4.   Expect appropriate behavior.

5.   Make expectations clear and reasonable.

6.   Make sure the children feel important and respected.

7.   Provide for success.

8.   Meet individual needs.

9.   Actively teach and promote cooperation.

10.  Use our voices effectively.

11.  Emphasize mistakes are O.K.

12.  Teach the correct behavior.

13.  Redirect behavior.

14.  Emphasize logical consequences.

15.  Stay calm.

16.  Stay consistent