Bright Beginnings Preschool

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When your child is ill.


By providing the following guidelines we hope to provide a healthy environment for everyone.


If a child has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, the child should stay home until he or she is fever free for 24 hours without fever controlling medications.


A child with persistent cough, excessive discharge from the nose or eyes, or sore throat, an earache, a severe headache and/or general malise or fever, should stay home until the condition subsides.


If a child vomits and/or has diarrhea, he or she should stay home for 24hours after the last episode of vomiting and/or diarrhea without the use of medications.


If a child has impetigo, the child must stay home for 24 hours after taking the first dose of medications.  The sores should be covered until all lesions have crusted completely.


If a child has head lice, he or she may return to school after using a physician recommended lice treatment and all nits have been removed.  Must be inspected by your pediatricians nurse before returning.


If a child has conjunctivities ("pink eye" or inflamation of the eye where the white part of the eye becomes pink and there is often itching, drainage and crust formation on the eyelid during the night) the child should be seen by a doctor for proper diagnosis and may return to preschool after recieving antibiotic treatment for 24 hours.


If a child has strep throat, the child may return to preschool after any fever has been resolved and he or she has received the appropriate antibiotic treatment for 24 hours.