Bright Beginnings Preschool

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One sample of a lesson plan initiated weekly  and then e-mailed to both parents by Sunday night.  by me  There is always something new each week.

Theme of the week:  Our Brave Firefighters

Letter of the week and song related: O

To the tune "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean."

An octopus swam in the ocean, swam over the waves in the sea.  It raised its arms out of the water, and waved eight times to me.  Oh, me! Oh, my! There it goes, swimming by.  Oh, me!, Oh, my! That octopus just waves "Bye, bye!"

Color of the week: purple

Shape of the week: heart

Number of the week: 1

Rhyme of the week:  Pussy-Cat, Pussy-Cat

Phonic awareness song of the week - ap to the tune of "Old MacDonald."

Clap your hands and stamp your feet.  Hear that marching beat.  Snap your fingers.  Tap your toes. Get up from your seat.  Make your elbows flap.  Give your palms a slap.  Here a clap, there a flap, eveywhere a snap, snap. Clap your hands and tap your feet.  Hear that marching beat. 



PRACTICING COUNTING 1-10 - Chinese, Spanish, French, German


For our firefighter lesson plan we will discuss how fire is magical, it emits warmth and light and is used in many types of celebrations around the world. Fire also has a scary side. It can be dangerous when it is misunderstood or used inappropriately. We will learn that fire is something you do not play with. We will learn how to protect ourselves if we come into contact with fire. We also will learn that smoke alarms warn about fires, practice stop, drop and roll. Get low and go under the smoke.  Smoke goes up, you go down. Get out of a burning building and stay out. Don't be afraid of firefighters. Firefighters rescue people.

FIRE DRILL - We will conduct our regular monthly fire drill.

WHAT ITEMS SHOULD YOU NOT PLAY WITH? - I will set out a variety of toys, matches, lighter, etc for a visual. I will ask the children to tell me what items you should not play with.


Ten brave firefighters sleeping in a row (one hand in fist).  Ding, ding goes the bell (pull a pretend cord with one hand) and down the pole they go (pretend your hands are sliding down a pole).  Over to the fire engine and go, go, go (have your arms making running movements).  When the fire is out, they go back slow (make driving motion with hands).  Then back to bed all sleeping in a row!

WHERE DO WE SEE FIRE?    I will ask the children to tell me some of the places where they have seen fires.  Ideas are campfires, candles including birthday candles, rockets, house fire, forest fire, fireplace.  I will ask how each of these fires would be started.  I'll explain that some fires are used for heat and some fun things.  Some are more dangerous.

FIRE TRUCK COOKIES -  I will show the children photos of fire trucks that firefighters ride to the fires.  Each child will take a whole graham cracker square as the truck, spread some red frosting on the cracker with a plastic knife and add some black cream cookies for the wheels.  Now enjoy eating your fire truck!

FIREFIGHTER DRAMATIC PLAY - I will bring out my many fire trucks and accessories for children to use for their pretend play.

FIREFIGHTER OBSTACAL COURSE -  Children will help build muscles while they have fun together.  I will use tape for them to walk on, chairs to crawl under, balance beams, hula hoops to jump in and out of, etc. 

SMOKE RISES, SO CRAWL! -  We will discuss that smoke rises - goes up - and is very thick and makes it very difficult to breathe.  So, when we see smoke, we should get on our bellies and stay low to the ground so we don't breathe it in when there is a fire.  With the help of another child we will hold a parachute and gently shake it.  The children will take turns pretending it is smoke and then crawl under the pretend smoke (parachute). 

STOP, DROP, ROLL -  I will explain to the children that if there was ever fire on their clothing, they should 1. STOP, 2. DROP, 3 ROLL on the ground, covering their faces.  We will place a pretend red, yellow, orange paper fire on a child's back.   I will say, "Oh no, there is fire on your back!  What should you do?

FIRE PAINTING- Children will use pipettes to drop paint all over a piece of paper.  Children will fold the paper in half, press and open again. 

FIREFIGHTER SONG sung to the tune "Frere Jacques"  -  Firefighter! Firefighter! You are brave.  You are brave.  Putting out the fires.  Putting out the fires.  Lives you save.  Lives you save. 

PAINT BAGS - I will add red and yellow paint to several baggies without mixing the paint.  Children can take turns experimenting by mixing with their hands the red and yellow paint without getting messy.  They will see they'll make orange.

FIRE SAFETY HOMEWORK -  Children will bring home a fire safety check list for child and parent to work together on and then return to school for us to discuss each one.  Check list will be returned to home.

SMOKE DETECTOR ART -  I will take apart a smoke detector and show the children what is inside.  I will discuss what they do and how they help them.  We will encourage the children to paint their own smoke detector on a small paper plate.

SMOKE, SMOKE, FIRE -  This game is played like Duck, Duck, Goose except one child will go around the circle and say "smoke, smoke, Fire.".  That child chases the child they chose around the circle and then sits down in the child that was chosen place.  That child becomes it. 

SMOKE, CRAWL, RACE - I will encourage each child to crawl and race from point A to point B.

FIVE LITTLE FIREFIGHTERS - Children will act out the storyline.  Five little firefighters sleeping in their bed. The first one said, "Put your helmet on your head." The second one said, "Down the pole we'll side."  The third one said, "Get ready to ride."  The fourth one said, "I'll grab the hose!"  Then Woooo went the siren and out went the fire.  And the five little firefighters could finally retire.  

DON'T HIDE- GO OUTSIDE -  Children will use red, orange and yellow tissue paper to make fire on their poster "Don't hide - go outside!  Get help - call 911.